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ARO in Infinity

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1 ARO in Infinity la data de Dum Aug 19, 2012 11:00 am


Furacios Biban
Mihai, privitor la discutia noastra despre ARO:

Intrebare:"Was wondering what type of ARO a model could do in a specific example.
…….| x |……..
___|…. |____
…A…………...B…… (not sure text art will keep its formatting as typing it on iPhone)

In the above example, if model A moves to location B, will model X get a ARO on model A? Wondering cause model A wasn’t in LOF at start nor at end of his first short order(move). If X does, can they shoot at model A, seeing as he isn’t in LOF? Let’s assume the walls are 4″ high."

Raspunsul care mie mi se pare cel mai logic:"its simple, realy.

If your model moves through an enemy models Field of view the enemy model gets a ARO

The enemy can choose when during your models movement his model shoots (so that will be “When yours has the least cover”), but in the same way you can have your mini shoot from anywhere on the path it moved on (though all shots have to be fired from the same spot).
Your mini will allways be moved to where you wanted it to move even if it is shot dead on the way.

If your model makes a Cautionousmove (Long order/First movement value) and the enemy cant see the start or ending of its move there’s no ARO.

If your model passes through an enemys models Area of control the enemys model can choose to turn around.

Natuaraly there are special rules and pieces of equipment against most of this."

Daca imi aduc bine aminte, dupa regula asta jucam si noi la inceput.

Forumul este: http://www.beastsofwar.com/groups/infinity/forum/topic/aro-question/?topic_page=2&num=15

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