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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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1 Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Lun Sept 24, 2012 3:01 pm


As some of you know, SW:TOR is going free to play soon. This thread is for those forum members who might be interested in playing or seeing some bits of game (as I'll be putting various links to various youtube vids featuring some scene or another that I thought worth sharing).

Now then, for those interested in playing the game I can be found on The Progenitor servers. My current characters in the Kasteen legacy are: Belindi (lvl47 Trooper), Lucoryphus (lvl 31 Sith Warrior), Ma'rrek (lvl 10 Bounty Hunter) and Tav'ik (lvl 10 and he needs to be renamed). Due to the legacy system where you can connect various characters in various ways to each other, Belindi and Lucoryphus are siblings while Ma'rrek and IA are Lucoryphus' allies. Aside from the extra stuff you can unlock this only affects me on an RP level but since I enjoy that, shrug. I'm going to put some characters bio's here and I'm really going to have to write a fic when Belindi and Lucoryphus meet on the battlefield.

That said let's see some videos of the Light Side Sith Warrior (SPOILERS OF COURSE):

Nar Shaddaa class quest story

Oasis Vision

In the Organa Palace

End of Chapter 1 (this part made me feel so good)

I think that's enough for now.

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2 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Lun Sept 24, 2012 3:45 pm


Furacios de blugi
Daca-i free pe bune, parca m-as baga. Ceva rau de tot tip Karsa la inceput. Twisted Evil

Sau ceva gretos de goody two shoes gen Iktovian Shield Anvil. Rolling Eyes

Ori sa incerc ceva in between gen Pearl/Tayschreen? Cool

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3 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Lun Sept 24, 2012 3:51 pm


Furacios de Gin
Eu joc SWTOR de ceva vreme. Daca aveti chef sunt pe serverul The Primogenitor.

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4 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Lun Sept 24, 2012 4:29 pm


Suntem pe acelasi server Bogdan (ca sunt doar 9 servere EU). Evetual lasa si tu niste info about your characters. Daca ai fluff pt ei even better.

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5 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Lun Sept 24, 2012 5:10 pm


Furacios de Gin
My character list is: Shadalla (Sith Warrior/Human), Gerjen (Chiss Bounty Hunter), Katve (Human Imperial Agent), Olli (Republic Trooper), Mirdane (Jedi Consular Shadow Miraluka), Kirja (Republic Mirialan Gunslinger), Jonas (Human Jedi Guardian)

Fluffwise m-am gandit doar la Shadalla. Oficial e la nivel de Sith (no Lord, no Nada) atasata la armata Imperiala ca si Overseer. Desi e ca Overseer trateaza soldatii si ofiterii cu un dram mai mare de respect decat majoritatea adunaturii de Sith, fiind la punctul unde dezvolta deja relatii de lucru decente cu subordonatii.

Ca si Overseer are in subordine un batalion de infanterie si a fost cu ei de pe Dromund Kaas pana pe Balmorra. Dupa batalia de pe Balmorra batalionul a fost mutat la 'defense duties', asteptand noul val de recruti. Intre timp Shadalla a plecat pe Nar Shadaa sa ajute la ordinele unui Lord al carui nume nu l-am decis inca o celula de agenti care au misiunea sa descopere un contrabandist/criminal care aduna Force Sensitives si pentru pretul corect ii da fie Republicii, fie Imperiului si tine un grup mai mic pe post de elite guards.

Cam atat pana acum. O sa mai adaug info cand imi mai vin ceva idei.

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6 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Mar Sept 25, 2012 12:46 pm


I view fluff for TOR characters in two ways, for RP and for head canon. RP fluff has the same base as head canon fluff but ignores the details of the game story (so the Belindi went to Balmorra but as part of the Republic Spec Ops troops, not as Commander of Havoc squad). There are divergences of course but RP fluff comes into play when interacting with others while head canon is for my own gaming experience and for any stories I might write. Now then:

+++File Number: 762J/58+++

Input security code: **************

... Processing ...

...Security code accepted ...

...Accessing requested file...

Name:Belindi Kasteen
Profile Photo:
Date of birth:[3667 BBY]
Planet of origin: Toprawa
Profession: Republic Special Forces
Specialization: Vanguard
Rank: Major
Commanding Officer: General Garza

Short Bio: Major Kasteen was born on the planet Toprawa in the Outer Rim in [3667], during the height of the Great Galactic War. At that time, Toprawa was already under Imperial control. What few records the SIS did manage to find indicate that Major Kasteen and her younger brother, Sejanus, were part of a gang in the planet capital. The Major still sports the bulls-eye tattoo around the eye that was the gang mark, despite the Army's offer to surgically remove it [SIS has a theory that the tattoo is kept as a reminder of her little brother]. SIS has failed to uncover too many details of the Major's early years and we are under orders not to interfere with her current missions. It is however clear that at some point the Empire cracked down on the gang activities [see SIS file on Imperial Public Safety Protocols for more details] and the Major was the only survivor.

We have a signed confession from Captain Tarron [apprehended smuggling spice onto Coruscant] that the Major stowed away on his ship to escape Toprawa. Upon finding the stowaway, the Captain agreed to take her to Coruscant in exchange for three years of working for him. He claims she was a dedicated and loyal member of his crew and regrets that she left [apparently she was the best shot with a blaster on his ship]. Once he dropped her off on Coruscant we again lose all knowledge of her whereabouts.

We found out later [from questioning a member of Black Sun] that she had formed her own small gang and for three years was engaged in a brutal turf war/guerrilla war with Black Sun. The larger criminal organization eventually prevailed and Major Kasteen was forced to run. CSF arrested her on charges of property damage, multiple murders, bombing and a host of other crimes [about what you'd expect to be the result of a turf war waged guerrilla war style]. She was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

She spent two years in prison when SIS interrogated the Black Sun Vigo and found out about her actual activities. Having been a model inmate, and considering her obvious skills, we wanted to recruit her. However, we also knew she had no personal loyalty to the Republic [and being born on an Imperial occupied world, technically made her an Imperial citizen]. She was offered a choice: serve out the remainder of her sentence or join the Republic Army. We planned to recruit her into SIS after her one year of training, knowing that the Army would direct her loyalty to the Republic. However, her file somehow made it's way to General Garza's desk and she also saw potential in young Kasteen. She quickly sent her to SpecOps training. Since that point Major Kasteen has served the Republic faithfully both on the battlefield and off. To our delight she has cooperated with the SIS very well and we realized she would not have made such a good agent - she does not tolerate operations that "risk the lives of countless soldiers on the vapor thin chance that we might gain some advantage over the enemy".

This honor that Major Kasteen holds so tightly to may be problematic in the future. We know she agreed to a truce with Imperial forces on Hoth and collaborated with them against the White Maw pirates plaguing both sides. The reason we are concerned has to do with her brother who [CLASSIFIED]

Would you like to know more?

- Service Record
- Commendations
- [Classified File]

... Attempting to access Classified File...

... Please input security code and DNA marker ...

... Processing ...

... Code accepted ...

... Opening file ...

File Number: 762J/58AW

Birth Name: Sejanus Kasteen
Assumed Name: Lucoryphus
Profile Photo:
Date of birth:[3662 BBY]
Planet of origin: Toprawa
Profession: Sith warrior
Specialization: Juggernaut
Rank: Lord
Sith Master: Darth Baras

Short Bio: The amount of information SIS has managed to retrieve on Sejanus Kasteen, now know as Lord Lucoryphus, is very sparse. The little brother of Major Belindi Kasteeen, he was caught by the Empire when their gang was destroyed by the Imperial Army. We suspect a Sith way have been present, otherwise we don't know how the boy's sensitivity to the Force could have been discovered. The 10 year old Sejanus was sent to a training center but we do not know if it was off planet or not.

When he surfaced on Korriban, Sejanus Kasteen was dead. Instead Lucoryphus walked upon the Sith homeworld. He had extensive cybernetic upgrades and facial scarring. We expect the scarring to have occurred from a combination of these factors: the brutal training that Sith acolytes undergo, the removal of his gang tattoo with little to no consideration of esthetics and the cybernetic upgrades, again with no care to esthetics.

As far as we can determine from remote observation and from reports from the field, Lucoryphus is loyal to the Empire but not necessarily it's masters. His loyalty is to the ideal, the organization and the people it governs but not to the people who do the governing. Unreliable reports suggest that he may have joined a cult of Darth Revan, seeking to reform the Empire. He has in several instances accepted the surrender of his enemies without torturing or killing them afterward, even spared the lives of a squad of SpecOps and let them retreat. He has no patience for the plotting and backstabbing of his fellow Sith and considers it damaging for the Empire. That does not mean he will not back-stab a fellow Sith if by doing so removes a threat to the Empire.

We do not know at this time if Lucoryphus can be approached and turned against the Empire, his loyalty to it's people seems iron clad. In truth our greatest fear is what would happen were he and his sister to meet.

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7 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Mar Sept 25, 2012 3:44 pm


Furacios de blugi
Yes. I would like to know more.

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8 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Joi Sept 27, 2012 2:44 pm


So when KotOR 2 ended we were all exited to see the third game and help Revan against the Sith Empire. That story is told in the novel Revan - which is so and so in quality sadly but better than nothing. Revan's ultimate fate however is answered in two Flashpoints in SWTOR.


The Republic flashpoint Maelstrom Prison:

and the Empire flashpoint The Foundry:

The lack of a body kinda leaves it open for more stuff if they so choose.

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9 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic la data de Vin Oct 05, 2012 2:19 pm


Right so I'm going to do a serivce bio/record/thingy for Belindi din moment ce am ajuns la lvl 50 cu ea si am terminat jocul. I'll add some pics later as well. Bucatiile din Planet Data si Further Information sunt luate din codexul jocului because I want to share the fluff si asa il am si eu mai la indemana. This is all head cannon btw so I'm going to embellish and add details in some places (stuff the game didn't do because gameplay and story segregation).

+++ Republic Special Operations File: 598J7+++

Input Security Code ...

... Processing ...

... Code Accepted ...

... Opening File ...

Ord Mantell Civil War - Separatist Crisis

Planet Data:

Underworld Influences

Ord Mantell was once considered a vital supply depot for the Republic military, but the discovery of new hyperspace lanes virtually eradicated the need to route fleets through the planet’s local star cluster. The ordnance engineers and military families formerly occupying the planet transferred to distant outposts, and Ord Mantell was abandoned to farmers. The old military-grade spaceports were never decommissioned, however, and it didn’t take long for private interests to take them over. In addition to corporations like Czerka, less savory factions from the galactic underworld set up shop. Small-time criminal gangs took advantage of the planet’s lack of strong Republic oversight and became thriving operations. These gangsters and corporations have invested heavily in the world’s government. Many of Ord Mantell’s major political figures are indebted to their corporate and underworld “sponsors,” and although some of these leaders have left office in disgrace, it has not discouraged the wealthy and unscrupulous from purchasing political influence. Other politicians have pledged to clean up corruption–rarely succeeding for long, despite noble intentions.

Ruled by Corruption

Centuries of colorful political history and public revelations of high-level government corruption have given Ord Mantell a reputation for untrustworthy leaders. While this attitude is not entirely unwarranted, certain fringe groups believed their world’s entire government was little more than a kleptocracy. These activists routinely protested outside government offices, demanding the elected officials be brought to justice. For a long time, the fringe groups were dismissed as delusional, paranoid or simply troublemakers. It wasn’t until an entire governmental cabinet was forced to step down for accepting bribes that ordinary citizens began taking the corruption claims seriously. This was the birth of the separatist movement.

Split by Rebellion

The civil war raging across Ord Mantell affects everyone. The planet’s unstable political situation is a bitterly divisive subject, with separatist sympathizers and government loyalists increasingly polarized about how to end the conflict. Some families have been irreparably torn apart when one child joined the separatist movement and another enlisted in the government-backed military. The separatists remain fanatically committed to their cause, demonstrating no willingness to negotiate or settle matters peacefully. The Ord Mantellian government has summoned the Republic military to bolster the planet’s defenses and put down the rebellion quickly for the good of all. Leaders are pessimistic that the separatists will ever surrender.

Separatist Movement

Shortly after the end of the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, a series of scandals revealed corruption inside Ord Mantell’s government. Both local journalists and an official Republic Senate investigation proved vital in removing the corrupt cabinet members, but at the same time, a small but vocal group of citizens decided they’d had enough. The protesters declared that the Republic wasn’t doing enough to stop Ord Mantell’s criminal leaders from exploiting common citizens and that any official investigations were “half-measures.” These separatists demanded the planet’s independence. Unsurprisingly, neither the Republic nor Ord Mantell’s leaders were prepared to answer the cries for secession. No one realized how powerful and well-organized the separatists had become until a massive coordinated bombing attack destroyed every major spaceport across the planet. The destruction left the world in chaos, crippling its economy. As the government retaliated against the separatists, Ord Mantell descended into civil war. The separatists’ terms for peace are simple: resignation of Ord Mantell’s entire government, trials and imprisonment of its criminal leaders and the immediate recognition by the Republic of the world’s independence. With a seemingly inexhaustible supply of fresh recruits armed with military-grade weapons, the separatists show no signs of backing down from this fight.

Refugees of War

With the war against the separatists turning increasingly ugly, thousands of farmers, laborers and government employees have lost their homes and businesses. Those who remain loyal to the Republic flock to places like Fort Garnik seeking food and shelter. Sadly, there are only so many supplies to go around. The small shantytowns outside Fort Garnik overflow with impoverished people running out of options. As food, medicine and other basic necessities dwindle to nothing, these refugees resort to desperate measures for survival. Crime and exploitation run rampant, with refugees frequently turning against each other over a half-eaten nutripaste stick.

Ending the War:

The events leading up to the end of the Separatist movement, began when Sergeant Kasteen arrived on Ord Mantell. The Sergeant had been assigned as the newest member of Havoc Squad. ]Further Information: The founding unit of the Republic Special Forces division, infantry squad 326–code-named “Havoc Squad”–is renowned as the army’s most elite fighting team. Despite the total secrecy of Havoc’s missions, the team has taken on an almost superhuman reputation on both sides of the war–unstoppable commandos who can strike anytime, anywhere, regardless of opposition. Before Special Forces existed as a separate division of its own, Havoc Squad was attached to a standard infantry division throughout the Great War. It wasn’t until the Battle of Alderaan that the squad rose to galactic fame, leading a small group of wounded and recovering men to victory against a massive Imperial invasion force. The value of small elite units had been proven, and Havoc Squad was later chosen as the model for a full division of highly trained and agile infantry squads–the Republic Special Forces.].

The Sergeant was dropped off at Oradam village ]Further Information: In contrast to the working-class origins of Talloran village, Oradam was a beachfront paradise for wealthy trader-barons and their families. These men and women spent their profits constructing elaborate homes and relaxing by the sea. Their freely flowing credits attracted numerous merchants and artisans to Oradam, many of whom remained long after their wealthy patrons fled. Oradam is the last uncontested Republic village on the island of Avilatan, partially because it holds very little strategic significance. Its importance to the separatists is mostly symbolic. Republic strategists theorize that if the encroaching separatists were to successfully invade Oradam, the enemy would most likely burn the village to the ground as a way of spiting the corrupt upper class. ]. There she was met by Lieutenant Bex Kolos of Havoc Squad (a.k.a. Gearbox). The Lieutenant gave her a brief description on their mission on the planet. Separatist troops had shot down a republic ship carrying a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb, an explosive powerful enough to annihilate the island.

They boarded a walker APC, along with the other troopers the transport had brought, and headed toward Fort Garnik ]Further Information: The area now called Fort Garnik began as a series of makeshift landing pads built on the island of Avilatan for spacers who were too disreputable for the mainland. Avilatan was a haven for gangsters, smugglers and pirates, but was also one of the largest and most thriving economies on Ord Mantell. Settlements formed, and over decades, Avilatan became respected as a major commerce center. When separatist bombings destroyed Ord Mantell’s other spaceports, Avilatan became the Republic military’s primary staging area, and its now-substantial landing zone took on strategic importance. Renaming the Avilatan spaceport to “Fort Garnik” in honor of a Republic war hero from Ord Mantell, the military established a fortified garrison there. Since then, Avilatan Island and Fort Garnik have become major targets of the separatist forces.]. Unfortunately for them, the fastest way to Fort Garnik passed by Drelliad village which was under siege. ]Further Information: What is now called Drelliad village was established decades ago as the private retreat of Ord Mantell’s most celebrated smuggler, the voluptuous and quick-witted Ulla Drelliad. In the years after Ulla’s death, her hideaway was transformed into a thriving trading post. Now, Drelliad village is hotly contested territory where separatist and Republic forces battle in the streets, and the handful of civilians who haven’t already fled hide in basements and behind locked doors. Although small, Drelliad village occupies a critical point between separatist-controlled territory and areas still loyal to the Republic. More importantly, what used to be Ulla’s personal docking bay is now one of the only starship landing pads outside of local Republic headquarters. If Drelliad village falls entirely to the separatists, it will bring the enemy one step closer to securing the entire island.]. Several AP missiles were fired from the village, critically disabling the walker and wounding several of the troopers aboard as well as killing the driver.

The two Havoc squad members where now faced with the challenge of getting the wounded to safety. Retreat was impossible as the missile strike blocked the narrow canyon they had crossed. Gearbox opted to stay behind with the wounded and see if he could repair the walker, while Sergeant Kasteen and the surviving troops would take the fight to the Separatists before one of them got the bright idea to shoot the walker again. Arriving at the village, Sergeant Kasteen found a Republic squad led by Sergeant Blyes trying to force it's way inside. Blyes told Kasteen that he needed to call Fort Garnik for more men in order to properly take the place and to transmit vital intel he had on the Seps but the they had set up signal jammers and were blocking all transmissions.

Kasteen informed her fellow Sergeant as to her own problem, prompting Blyes to send his medic toward the walker, and agreed to shut down the jammers. Leaving her follow troopers to help Blyes stage a diversion, Sergeant Kasteen infiltrated the village. While the jammers where easy to find, they were under heavy guard. The missile stockpile however was less well guarded and Kasteen used it as a diversion. Once the guards on the jammers had been distracted, she quickly sabotaged them and got out. Without the missile stockpile the launchers where useless and posed no threat to the reinforcement shuttles sent from Fort Garnik at Blyes request. With the fighting in the village increasing, Gearbox ordered Kasteen to proceed toward Fort Garnik - they had more important things to do than room to room clearance.

Acknowledging the order, Kasteen proceeded on foot toward Fort Garnik. On the way she encountered Private Wesner who warned her that the Seps had several sniper teams hiding out on the road between the village and the Fort. There were indeed three sniper teams, they had been harassing small patrols and refugees alike, but they were poor ambushers and had almost no talent for stealth. Kasteen hunted them down like rabid dogs and quickly and quietly slit their throats.

She regrouped with Havoc squad at Fort Garnik. The squad's leader, the famous Commander Tavus then proceeded to introduce the more veteran squad members: the second-in-command, Captain Zora (Wraith); the explosives expert, Lieutenant Vanto Bazren (Fuse) and the combat medic, Lieutenant Ryler Dorant (Needles).

Kasteen first official mission would be to infiltrate Talloran village ]One of the few settlements around Fort Garnik not originally founded by criminals, Talloran village began as home to the laborers and their families who toiled in the island’s starship ports and shipping warehouses. The people of Talloran were hardworking, mostly poor and easily exploited by the corrupt businessmen in charge of Ord Mantell’s government. When the separatists came to the island, Talloran was the first village they infiltrated. The people, long oppressed by the existing power structure, were ready to side with anyone who offered them a way out. Ironically, siding with the separatists only got the workers trapped inside their village as the Republic laid siege to the enemy occupation.] and meet with their informant, Bellis, who supposedly information on where the Seps had taken the bomb.

Before departing, Tavus introduced Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, from the Republic's Ord Mantell Infantry Command, who would oversee the Sergeant's progress in the mission, providing intel when necessary. Jorgan also made it clear that he was in charge and his orders were to follow without question.

On her way to the village, Kasteen found herself tangled up in other things as well. Medicine had been stolen from the Republic hospital and the refugees were the suspects but none of them would admit to anything. Investigating this problem, Kasteen found out that indeed the refugees had stolen the supplies. They were starving, in need of medicine and to top all off, "someone's driven out only to be robbed--"taxed," they call it--on the way here." The medicine however had been taken from the refugees by Sep troops. Maybe because she had experienced losing her home, Kasteen recovered the medicine for the refugees - she later learned that five soldiers who desperately needed those supplies had died.

The Sergeant also helped SIS plant a bug on a suspected Imperial spy, posing as a refugee. Once she arrived at the village, Kasteen quietly infiltrated the place, using the firefight at the gates as cover. She quickly hit several safe houses the Seps were using to transmit information they had on the Republic. However, by the time she arrived at the meeting point, her contact was dead. Displased with the outcome, Jorgan ordered her to make her way to Bellis' house and recover his field box, which should have the backups on his data.

The Sergeant returned to Fort Garnik and gave Bellis' field box to Jorgan, who then told the Sergeant to talk to Bazren. Bazreb assigned Kasteen with a new task, telling her that a mysterious informant called Mirru, had come to the Republic base informing the officers that he knew of a separatist bombing that was planned to happen in that very single day. The Republic forces however initially refused to believe him and kicked him out, but thereafter they decided that they should send someone to talk to Mirru, just to verify it.A few moments after, the Sergeant met with Mirru in the Refugee Camp, just outside Fort Garnik. The informant was skeptical at first, but then the Sergeant convinced him and he revealed that the Separatists were preparing to use several bombs in an ambush along the road. Jorgan, who overheard the conversation through a holocomm, immediately assigned Kasteen to disarm the bombs, as a Republic convoy was preparing to move along that road in the Avilatan Badlands.

After concluding the mission and returning to the Barracks, kasteen was intercepted by private Farn, who told her that most soldiers in the base were corrupt, and he could only trust the promising Sergeant, revealing that his CO, Lieutenant Virk, was scamming everyone under his command. Kasteen accepted to help him, saying that she could report to higher authorities, alerting them to Virk's ongoing scam and corruption. She then met with Tavus, who congratulated the promising trooper for successfully ending the ambush and saving the convoy. Lieutenant Jorgan told her that he had deciphered Bellis' field box which revealed the bomb's location, as expected. The Separatists were keeping the bomb in their outpost on the island of Mannett Point ]Further Information: Mannett Point was originally founded by Ord Mantellian pirates as an underground vault for their ill-gotten gains. As their criminal haven became respectable, the pirates were eventually replaced by “businessmen” who converted the subterranean warehouses into a freight shipping center. Goods that landed at Fort Garnik were sorted at Mannett Point and then distributed across Ord Mantell. After the establishment of Fort Garnik, the Republic military continued using Mannett Point to store munitions and war materiel. This would prove to be a fatal mistake. Separatists staged a daring midnight raid that destroyed the bridge between Mannett Point and Fort Garnik, cutting off reinforcements. Separatist commandos swarmed Mannett Point under cover of darkness, using the chaos from the bridge’s destruction to infiltrate the warehouses. The separatists quickly slaughtered the Republic defenders to a man. By dawn, Mannett Point was a separatist stronghold–giving the Republic’s enemy a major storehouse of weapons and supplies to continue besieging Fort Garnik.], so the Sergeant was assigned to retrieve it after regrouping with Zora, also alerted for the possibility that the Sith Empire may have been supplying the Separatists with advanced weaponry. Before leaving, Kasteen informed Tavus and Jorgan about Virk's corruption and they agreed to investigate it.

Upon arriving at Mannett Point, Kasteen found her workload had increased yet again. A Republic unit under Commander Bragan had tried to retake the small island but were stopped when their walkers were taken out by Separatist missiles. Once again she proceed to hunt down the missile stock pile, silently cursing whoever had provided the munitions depot with too few guards. Having the enemy use their own equipment was frustrating in the extreme - Kasteen could now appreciate how Black Sun had felt whenever she raided one of their warehouses for guns and whatnot.

She also had to find and retrieve three people. One was a camera man for a war corespondent - it turned out that he had joined the Seps and had modified the footage he had taken to show the Republic as an oppressive regime. Kasteen just shoved a blaster in his face and made him hand over the recordings. The Republic might allow freedom of speech and this might include the right to lie and side with the enemy but as far as Kasteen cared, this was treason during wartime. So she took the recordings by force.

The second person she had to extract was Doctor Jaen Kett, who had remained behind when the Seps took over the base. He refused to leave with also taking the wounded with him. Unable to extract so many by herself, Kasteen asked Lieutenant Xorem at Frot Garnik to organize an extraction squad. The third person she was asked to rescue was a boy who'd been reported dead but who been spotted by a friend among the Separatists. As it turned out, the boy was alive and he had interesting information for the Sergeant:

"I'm sorry. They want us to forget who we are, where we came from. Please, it's... it's the stims. The separatists pump us full of this stuff, and we stop thinking. We just want to kill everything. We were taken years ago, fifteen of us. I was thirteen; the others were younger. The separatists gave us stims and blasters and told us to kill. We couldn't resist. They would have killed us."

Once the mercy missions had been completed, Kasteen met up with Wraith. She assigned Kasteen to destroy the Outpost's generator while she would take care of the Force field that was preventing them from acquiring the bomb. The Sergeant succeeded in destroying the generator and then encountered several wounded Separatists, including Jex and Grannin, who begged for mercy. Kasteen decided to let them go with the condition that they would not fight anymore. Afterwards she regrouped with Wraith, who had by then, disabled the force field, and both entered the room where the stolen bomb was supposedly being kept. There they encountered an unprepared Separatist officer, Dalern, who still refused to surrender to the Republic's will, although the Sergeant was able to convince him to cooperate shortly after. Both Republic soldiers then discovered that the bomb had been moved to a different place so Wraith proceeded to execute Dalern and assigning Kasteen to find more useful Separatist officers who could reveal the bomb's location.

While searching the base for more officers, she eventually encountered a room where three high-ranking Separatist were meeting. The officers immediate attacked and Kasteen was forced to gun them down. Without any success on locating the bomb, she then retreated to Fort Garnik, informing Needles about the mission's result. Even though the Sergeant hadn't been successful in retrieving the bomb nor its location, Needles told her that the mission had been a success because four separatist officers had been killed, crippling the Separatist's presence in the area.

Needles then assigned the Sergeant for yet another mission, telling her about a man named Zak from Oradam village, that had been in the Republic's outpost, requesting for medical supplies due to his radiation illness. The Republic officers then determined that he had been poisoned by their own ZR-57 bomb's radiation. With this discovery, Kasteen was ordered to retrieve information from the crippled Zak, who could reveal where the bomb was being kept. The Sergeant complied and met with Zak and his wife, Jaller, and questioned them about the bomb's location in exchange for medical supplies, which would help curing both Zak and Jaller. The couple revealed themselves to be Separatists but accepted nonetheless to give away the location. Fanaticism was not what they had signed up for.

Kasteen also found out that a young woman named, Qo'el, had been kidnapped by Republic troops on charges of treason. Investigating this accusation she found the woman had been beaten but she refused to admit to being a Separatist. She claimed she had gone a rally once, but that was all. Disgusted by the behavior and general corruption of the local troops (another squad was making bets if refugees managed to cross a minefield), Kasteen ordered the girl be released. She was starting to wonder how rotten the Mantellian troops really were and she beginning to doubt they would be much help in the field against the Empire.

Now finally with the bomb's location, Kasteen was called to regroup with the rest of Havoc Squad in Fort Garnik's barracks. While entering the barracks she was intercepted by the corrupt Virk who threatened her due to the investigation the Vanguard had issued on him. Getting overconfident, Virk tried to assault Kasteen and paid for that mistake with his life as she broke his leg and then his neck. Afterwards, she proceeded to Havoc's rendezvous spot but was only met by Jorgan, who revealed that Commander Tavus had taken Havoc Squad to recover the bomb but deciding to keep the Sergeant out of it. Jorgan was then informed by a technician that they had lost all communications with Havoc Squad. Shocked by this event, Jorgan decided to assign Kasteen to continue with his Squad's assignment and locating it afterwards, disregarding Tavus' command.

Kasteen was able to infiltrate the base ]Further Information: The separatist command center closest to Fort Garnik was originally thought to be Mannett Point, but Republic intelligence operatives recently discovered that the main separatist force occupies the island’s still-active volcano. This position gives the separatists multiple access points to the island’s settlements, as well as a predator’s eye view of Fort Garnik itself. Sources indicate the volcano base originally belonged to a notorious gangster known only as “the Corellian” who disappeared in the civil war’s early years. Whether the Corellian joined the separatists or gave them his volcano base under duress is anyone’s guess. Regardless, taking out the separatist stronghold has proven almost impossible. Any attack on foot exposes the invading force to withering counterattacks and heavy casualties, but artillery strikes on the volcano risk flooding the entire island with lava.],locate the bomb and finally disable it, though Havoc Squad was still nowhere to be found. Sergeant Kasteen had however found another troubling discovery, noticing that some of the forces protecting the base, were actually Imperial soldiers, revealing the Sith Empire's affiliation with the Separatists.

While in the base, Kasteen also had a few others targets to take out. The SIS discovered that the Seps are meeting with the leaders of violent splinter groups from across the Republic. That meeting ended in a bloodbath as Kasteen lobbed several grenades into the conference room. She also took out several turrets that protected a landing pad, opening the way for Republic troops to finally storm the place. That allowed her to rescue the pirate Veem Set, who had intel on the Separatists. Set was a murdering scum and once again Kasteen had to wonder about the Republic's way of doing things (her own elevation from criminal to Spec Ops soldier also continued to baffle her).

She evetually reached a hangar, finding that the rest of Havoc Squad was very much alive. Wraith attempted to kill Kasteen but was stopped by Tavus who then revealed to the Sergeant that Havoc was going to desert the Republic for the Sith Empire, as the last seemed to value more soldiers than the former. The Sergeant still attempted to redeem Havoc Squad, but to no avail. As Tavus continued to explain, Havoc felt betrayed after the Senate chose to abandon them on Ando Prime. Tavus then ordered the Imperial Colonel Vorr and his troops to attack Kasteen, who was able to defeat the Imperials. However that had been enough time for the treacherous Havoc Squad to escape in a Shuttle, taking the supposedly neutralized bomb with them to present it as a gift to the Empire.

Upon returning to Fort Garnik, Sergeant Kasteen learned that Republic Command was well aware of Tavus' betrayal after witnessing the events through her armor camera. They then demoted Jorgan to sergeant as a scapegoat while promoting Kasteen to lieutenant and new Havoc CO.

Joined by Jorgan, she journeyed to Coruscant to be placed under General Garza's command, and learned that Tavus had led hundreds of Republic Special Forces to defect to Empire. The only advantage the Republic had is Havoc, as Tavus presumed it's last member to be dead. Though Jorgan was all for going out to hunt down Tavus and his followers, Garza stressed that they must first take out the traitors' underworld contacts on Coruscant. Kasteen would once again wage guerrilla war in the bowels of the Republic's capital.

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Taken from the dreaded Black Hole of time called TvTropes. I selected the best stuff they had on SW:TOR. Spoilers of course. Expect my customary Great Wall of China Text.

Funny Stuff:

An overheard conversation in Anchorhead on Tatooine. If it doesn't remind you of a couple of things, you aren't paying attention.
Customer: This droid you sold me is a hunk of junk! I want a refund!
Jawa Vendor: No refunds!
Customer: Come on, the thing's vocabulator went out within 20 minutes of my getting home!
Jawa Vendor: Vocabulator not broken! Is feature!
Customer: How is that a feature? Honestly, what good is a protocol droid that can't even talk?

During their stay on Taris, Republic characters will run into Co'overma and her assistant Liefer. The quest to aid them in their valiant efforts to save the poor, innocent endangered nexu is short and easy, but the dialogue is pure gold.
Co'overma: I am the voice of the voiceless, protector of the nexu, the most beautiful, intelligent, adaptable-
Liefer: Giant, droooling cat monsters with big pointy spikes...

While dealing with a Pirate doctor:
Doctor Ryamn: No, the stuff is down there. I swear on my medical licence. The real one.
His indignation if a Jedi character shakes him down for the serum:
Doctor Ryamn: What is this? I'm getting robbed by Jedi? I thought you guys were allergic to credits or something!
If the PC agrees to leave Dr. Ryamn his batch of rakghoul serum and go looking for the alternate source he promises is there, he eventually sends an email titled "Doctor Death's Claw Says Hi," which begins thusly:
Remember that time you shot your way into a Death's Claw pirate camp and met the local medic? Remember how he convinced you not to subject his patients to a horrible rakghoul-y death by stealing his vaccine supply?
That was me. How's things with you?

At one of the Republic bases on Hoth, two soldiers discuss the food that the Ortolans have been making. One prefers to stick to his field rations, while the other loved "Taun-Taun stew", and is looking forward to eating Wampa... if only to return the favor.

On Ord Mantell, the PC can encounter Lamalla Rann, a gleefully amoral reporter who asks them to find and retrieve the footage shot by her assistant Waxx. The whole sidequest is an exercise in "what the hell is wrong with you?" comedy, especially when, after the PC reports back to a completely unsurprised Lamalla that her assistant has joined the separatist cause, Lamalla drops this gem:
Lamalla: Once when we were on Tatooine he ran off and lived with the Jawas for two weeks. Said they were his spiritual kin.
His over-the-top enthusiasm extoling the virtues of the sepratists is full Face Palm territory.
As you finish up, Lamalla cheerfully informs you that if you get wounded, she'll do a story on you.
Another priceless line from Lamalla if the PC responds positively to the prospect of being bribed:
Lamalla: Fantastic! Good to see someone with the complete lack of scruples needed to protect justice and freedom in the Republic!

Overheard in Outpost Thorazan, situated out in the ass end of nowhere (aka the Dune Sea) on scenic Tatooine:
Militia Guard 1: You know, some planets don't have to put up with this all the time. The heat, I mean.
Militia Guard 2: Yeah?
Militia Guard 1: Yeah. Most planets have these things called "seasons". Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold, but most of the time it's downright tolerable.
Militia Guard 2: Huh.

For Imperial Players on Belsavis during the quest "Last of the Law" you can answer the holocom on behalf of the Republic marshal you just killed. The option Imitate Rugers voice is pure gold, especially when done by female characters
PC: Hello, this is Ellis Ruger and at the time I'm busy dying for a hopeless cause. Please leave a message.

The Sith governor of Balmorra enjoys crushing rebels a little too much. The lines used to flirt with her are hilarious because of it; player characters can only... spend quality time with her, by acting like a complete sociopath.

In one of Coruscant's more lawless sectors, the local gangs play a game called "Boom". The local swoop gangs booby-trap Republic supply crates after raiding them, and make bets on how long it'll be before some civilian approaches it to salvage the goods. Related to this is how, on Ord Mantell, local Republic soldiers bet with refugees as to whether they can make it in one piece across a minefield. The player can put a stop to it, run the course, or join in the betting.

In one of the promotional videos, showing the cinematic camera usage in the game, a team of Sith are confronting an Alderaanian noble who exclaims "I would sooner see Alderaan blasted into space dust!"... cue about 3000 years later...

Two NPCs have a banter in front of Imperial Intelligence headquarters. One of them blames the other for getting them called before Intelligence for selling a large amount of medical supplies to someone suspicious. The other NPC responds that he put a tracker in the box just in case.

A frequent dialogue choice for the Sith Inquisitor when confronted by people who ask why the player chose a deliberately cruel option is to say that "It amused me". Occurs as frequently as "yawn" in response to hammy or melodramatic NPCs.

Lightning Can Do Anything: The Sith Inquisitor is a mix of this and When All You Have Is a Hammer and Comedic Sociopathy. Any and all problems a Sith Inquisitor can be solved by just using the right amount of lightning. From Killing bosses, to dealing with conversation options, to healing. When in doubt, Shock Em.

Lord Zyn on Korriban. He's pleasant, cheerful, always smiling and generous with his praise both in conversations and in reporting your performance to your overseer. You really have to remind yourself that he's an interrogator who tortures people with force lightning to squeeze out information from them and does a Squee of delight when he hears you tearing through a subject. He also compliments you on your unusual interrogation methods if you get a confession out of the poor guy shackled to the table without zapping him.

For Republic Players arriving at the Axial Park Tram Station, you can overhear a parent complaining to an soldier how animals at the zoo had escaped from their cages and traumatized his daughter (the daughter disagrees). Remember that Corellia is in the middle of a war right now.
Father: Everywhere I looked, there were beasts bursting out of cages!"
Daughter: We got to pet the animals! Tell him, daddy!"
Republic Soldier: Sir, we're in the middle of a ground war.
Father: The Zoo is supposed to be safe, officer. This was very traumatizing!
Daughter: It was great!
Republic Soldier: Sir, for the safety of your girl, please evacuate Axial Park.

After completing the Jedi Knight class quest on Nar Shaddaa, which culminates in your killing a Sith Lord, you get a letter in the mailbox... from a rival Sith, thanking you for paring down the competition.

(For Jedi Knight)
The situation at the end of Chapter 2 is dire, but bringing T7 along is good for a giggle, if only at the droid's optimism.
T7-01: (when confronted by Lord Scourge) Emperor's Wrath + Emperor = two targets // T7 = taking Emperor?

The Jedi Consular doesn't get many of these, as they have an extremely low-key and deadpan sense of humor. This makes the infiltration of the Imperial Facility on Nar Shaddaa even funnier, as they will suddenly come out with a outrageous British accent and start throwing their weight around like a stereotypical Sith Lord. This comes totally from nowhere, and most amazingly actually works.

One of your conversations with Tharan Cedrax and his sentient female hologram companion Holiday goes like this if you pick a particular response to the first words out of his mouth.
Tharan: Jedi, Holiday and I have an announcement to make.
Consular: Then I hope it's a lovely wedding, and you have a dozen holo-children.
Holiday: [delighted] Oh Tharan, that's a thought.
Tharan: [perturbed] Moving along!

(For Smuggler)
After breaking into a separatist base, killing all the guards and hacking into their computer, you are discovered by a lone guard and his droid. Cue the Smuggler's shock and terror at the thought of a dangerous republic spy inside the base, and insistence that the guard should go and sound the alarm immediately! Hilariously you are even able to convince him that his droid's deadpan insistence that there’s something odd about you is due to him being faulty, and that he should get him down to maintenance immediately.
Note that this comes after the droid has already pointed out that are the only person standing in a room filled with dead bodies! Lets face it, the Smuggler is the Star Wars equivalent of Bugs Bunny.

During a quest:
Scientist: I'll make sure you're amply compensated!
Smuggler: "Amply compensated" is my middle name.
Scientist: Your parents must have been fascinating people.

When accused of smuggling:
Smuggler: I sincerely have absolutely no idea what you're talking about- honest.

During the Esseles, when the final boss approaches, if a Jedi gets the first word in and the Sith foams at the mouth at the opportunity, your Smugglers gets the opportunity to deliver this line:
Smuggler: If you just want my friend here, I'll... just be going then.

During the romance arc with Risha, Count Merrit Rineld calls in an attempt to ask for her hand. The smuggler makes a less than compelling argument for his case. The fact it works only serves to show how much Risha loves him.
Smuggler: "C'mon, this is a no brainer. Sure he's rich, handsome and popular but I'm...me."
Risha: "I'm sorry Merrit. But I can't argue with logic like that."

During the prologue on Coruscant, the Smuggler ends up crossing paths with a Sullustan cop on several occasions. The Sullustan's insistence on addressing the Smuggler as "upstanding citizen" (in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary) never fails to make our hero twitch.

One conversation with Risha brings up comparing someone to a Padawan
Risha: If you run into Diago, watch your back. He makes Skavak look like a Padawan.
Smuggler: What the blazes is a Padawan?
Risha: Jedi-in-training? Goody-goody students, always on their best behavior?
Smuggler: *is looking up on a datapad what a Padawan is*
Risha: Never mind...

After being red-flagged by customs on Coruscant, the Smuggler has Corso distract the droid while they subtly rewire a nearby console. Cue it happily greeting them again as an "Admiral".

On Tatooine there's a great one after the smuggler helps train a local militia.
Smuggler: If you come across any contraband contact a professional! Here's my holofrecency number.
Militiaman: I don't think I'm supposed to do that.

The following exchange happens if you choose Risha to accompany you on Balmorra, and the two of you are working with Akaavi Spar in order to break somebody out of prison.
Akaavi: When we're in, meet me at cell 665. My clan brother is there. Help me free him, and I'll assist you with whatever you need.
Smuggler: [flirting] I never argue with a woman with a plan.
Risha: [incredulous] Since when?!

(For Sith Warrior)

Trying (and failing!) to bluff your way through the Sith code the first time you meet Darth Baras.
Sith Warrior: Uhm. There's the light side, the dark side and stuff in the middle.

During a 3-way confrontation between you and 2 groups of bandits trying to make off with a man frozen in carbonite, you can end the confrontation peacefully, by threatening to kill them all and eat them.
One of the bandits: Do you really mean to eat us if you kill us?".
Sith Warrior: ''Sure! Don't you eat what you kill?".
And afterwards, you can tell the imperials transporting the men that you you weren't joking.
Or you can slyly convince both sides into attacking the other, leading to a massive gunfight breaking out, the Imperial Troops taking the opportunity to quietly sneak the cargo to Darth Baras... while the Sith Warrior smugly watches the fight from the sidelines.

While on Drumon Kaas, Darth Baras attempts to extract information out of a captured agent. His frustration is rather palpable.
Darth Baras: RAAAAAAGH! I cannot break him!
Sith Apprentice: Is there some problem here?
Darth Baras: Who would ask such a stupid question?! Clearly, there's a problem here!
Sith Apprentice: I feel your anger, master.
Darth Baras: A blind, deaf, comatose lobotomy patient could feel my anger!
Vette: Okay, I'm officially scared.

When you reach Hoth, the reactions from Quinn and Vette are to immediately express their dread of the cold and their hopes to avoid going down with you.

In pursuing Quinn's questline, you eventually speak (well, listen to) the now quite senile Moff Broysc. One wonders how Quinn keeps a straight face through the whole tirade.
Moff Broysc: It was you, Sith, wasn't it? You dared to liberate the Admiral! Have you lost your mind!?
Quinn: He calls me Admiral Malcontent. He seems to think that's my actual rank and name.
Moff Broysc: Don't you know he's the one who lost the Battle of Talay?
Quinn: Broysc's earliest command. Before I was born.
Moff Broysc: It was his blunder that allowed the escaped Jedi targets to flee Taris before the bombardment!
Quinn: Ancient history. Broysc wasn't even born.
Moff Broysc: He sabotaged the Glory Space Station for crying out loud!
Quinn: I have no idea what that is.

(Sith Inquisitor)
The Sith Inquisitor just finish his/her mission on Tatooine, and s/he reunite with Andronikos old flame (that helped you through the story), our interprid Inquistor can say this line with a hilarious delivery:
Inquisitor: (like bringing a present) I brought Andronikos back!

On Alderaan:
Urtel Moren: We captured and "chatted with" a chamberlain of House Organa.
Inquisitor:(sarcastic) How dare you torture someone without me?!

Lord Zash's reaction to learning that your ingenious solution to a millennia old riddle was to simply throw lightning at it.

On Balmorra, after being told that the local scientists may have intentionally engineered the Colocoids to be resistant to toxic waste.
Lieutenant Ilun: The toxic waste resistance may have been in unintended result... or the Balmorran scientists were insane?!
Sith Inquisitor: I personally prefer the term, "Differently rational".

(For Bounty Hunter)
Towards the end of act two, when get the ten million credit bounty placed on your head, your crew is rightly concerned. Which is when Mako takes the time to remind you exactly how bad the situation is.
Mako: "They're offering a ten million credit bounty for your capture."
Bounty Hunter: "Mom would be proud.''
Made even better by the fact that Blizz is going on in the background about how you can hide out with a Jawa tribe.

Blizz's enthusiasm and child-like curiosity make him a gold mine of funny:
Bounty Hunter: I'll keep Blizz out of your hair.
Blizz: Aw, Blizz like Mako's hair! Blizz no get to touch?

In one of the class quests on Hutta, Mako and the Bounty Hunter fail pretty hard at this whole "being reassuring" nonsense:
Mako: Short version, lady: There's a bounty hunter coming to take you to the Empire - where you'll probably die, or at least be tortured. We want to kill this bounty hunter, so it's your lucky day. Just sit quietly and be bait-like.
Bounty Hunter: We'll try not to splatter any blood on you, ma'am.

(For Imperial Agent)
At the climax of Act 1, if you've talked Darth Jadus into giving up on his plans:
Watcher Two: You just talked down a Lord of the Dark Council, Cipher. I didn't think that was possible...
Cipher Nine: [paraphrased] Neither did I.

Kaliyo is sarcastic by nature but some of her comments on Nar Shadda really take the cake. For example, you have this little gem:
Kaliyo (yelling at random passerby): Hey ugly! I'll give you twenty credits to lick my boots! (Then to you) He says he'll go for it, spare twenty credits?

Tear Jerker

(For Trooper)
The Trooper's class quest on Tatooine culminates in a Sadistic Choice: let the Imperials escape with state-of-the-art new bomb designs that they plan to test on civilians on some other frontier world, or let your former teammate - the man who gave you the warning about what the Imperials were doing and gave you the chance to stop them in the first place - die when the base self-destructs. There's not enough time to stop the explosion and still catch the Imperials, and he begs you to leave him behind and go after them; if you do, the game shows him in his cell as the base blows, sadly resigned to his fate. The email you get from General Garza afterwards just twists the knife:
Lieutenant Fasser managed to recover Fuse's remains from the rubble on Tatooine.
To keep up appearances, he'll be given an official burial; his record will show that he was killed in a transport crash.

Late game you are forced into another such choice regarding the fate of Sgt. Jaxo. Jaxo is a cute Republic Special Forces agent who worked with the trooper earlier on in his storyline, and if you were a male, was a minor romance option(and well liked by the player base). Eventually, you have to decide between condemning her to die by Explosive Decompression (with her begging and pleading for you to let her live), or sacrificing 300 Republic citizens being held prisoner by Imperials. The sheer number of otherwise Light Side trooper players who made the Dark Side choice to save Jaxo rather than the 300 prisoners is telling.

(For Smuggler)
On Hoth, when you track down the White Maw lieutenant and their "secret weapon," you burst into the room and there's the badass Twi'lek Dark Action Girl holding a scared, Ugly Cute alien boy who calls her "Mama" and is scared out of his mind. The poor little fellow is a brain-damaged Force Sentitive who can shield an entire base from view - but only if he's scared. The White Maw regularly tortures the kid to keep him in a constant state of fear. The Twi'lek lieutenant has been trying to protect him best she can, thinking the Republic and the Imperials will be worse for the tyke than the crime gang.

(For Imperial Agent)
The endgame of Chapter 3 is bleakly depressing, in a way. After chasing the Star Cabal for a chapter and a half, you finally get your confrontation with Hunter. What you're faced with is someone who never really had a chance; someone so utterly screwed up by life that the Agent is the closest thing she has to a friend. And once it's all over, it's likely no one will ever remember her, save for the Agent and their crew. The scene is heartbreaking, as is one of the Agent's potential goodbyes (the VAs manage to make the unlikeliest of lines sound comforting):
You were the best enemy I could have wished for.


Everything Darth Malgus does in the "Deceived" trailer is one big Moment of Awesome. He takes out seven Temple guards in no time flat, doesn't even flinch while the shuttle crashes behind him, gives a terrifying Kubrick Stare after the Sith Warriors reveal themselves, carves up, strangles, and electrocutes every Jedi he can reach, kills the only Jedi Master as badass as he was, and pulls off an Unflinching Walk away from the burning Jedi Temple and the carnage he himself incited, putting his hood up as he goes. Bad. Ass.

Republic-side, the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint is fairly epic, for a number of reasons - not only do you save Revan from his And I Must Scream fate, but the final boss is Grand Moff Kilran himself, who has been a looming threat ever since the very first Flashpoint. Finally killing him in battle is suitably impressive.

The Imperial-side counterpart to that, The Foundry, is also epic. It starts off decent enough, with you fighting into the foundry and speaking to its mysterious administrator. Then you hear a very familiar voice over the intercom, speaking in a very familiar way... and by the time you realize WHO it is, you're fighting HK-47 himself. But that's not the best part. After a rough battle where HK shows why he's a great assassin droid (using a sniper rifle to take out huge chunks of health) you fight your way to the final boss of the flashpoint... Revan himself. And the battle is EPIC, complete with Revan leaping about with a violet lightsaber at everyone, calling lightning down, becoming "More powerful than you can possibly imagine" through channeling the Force, and when near death, raining massive chunks of rock down on the party that can take out a quarter of a party member's health in a single hit, if you don't avoid it. And when he's finally defeated, he makes a sad comment to his dead former apprentice, and disappears in an explosion of light. A worthy final battle, to one of the most powerful and influential Force-Users in the history of the Star Wars Galaxy.

(For Jedi Knight)
The Dark Side choice after the final boss battle. Rather than spare the Emperor, you telekinetically pummel him and crush him with a stone pillar - all while the main theme of the game is playing in the background. Sure, it was just his avatar, but it shows that Evil is Cool can apply to a Jedi as well.

(For Jedi Consular)
The "Light Side" ending to planet Alderaan's Act 1 quest. It takes one speech from the Jedi Consular to make all the factions stop bickering and attempt to work towards peace. The "Dark Side" ending is equally awesome; the Jedi Consular is appointed a "lord of Alderaan" as a reward for stripping House Teral's rival House Ulgo of its title.

Nadia gets a Moment Of Awesome when she writes a message to you (if you choose to romance her) that, while it isn't quite as awesome as Jolee Bindo's famous speech from Knights of the Old Republic on the same subject, comes damn close.
I've been meditating on something. If we marry and start a family—yes, I know things are hectic right now, and there's a lot of decisions to be made, but if we ever do—I wouldn't want to keep it a secret. Almost everything I've studied about the "perils of love" seems to be written by Jedi who've never experienced it themselves. They talk about "uncontrolled passion" and the "fear of loss" like they're poison. But these Jedi never discuss devotion, patience, and compassion. Love's taught me more about those than the rest of my training combined. Those Jedi just dismiss love as "obsession," when love's the opposite and they don't seem to know it. If the Masters are going to claim that emotional attachment is flat-out wrong, I want to know that they've experienced it, and still think that way. Love can make a Jedi less selfish, more humble and more devoted. We're the proof. I wouldn't want to hide that from anyone.—Nadia

Really, chapters 2 and 3 are one long CMOA for the Consular, where everything slots neatly into place for the endgame. You start off by killing Darth Lachris on Balmorra, and setting up a free Balmorran government. So now you have the galaxy's largest droid and munitions factories on your side. Through your actions, you get the Rift Alliance to trust your judgement enough to fight the Empire, even if they're still ambivalent about the Republic. Then you manage little things like picking up a Voss Mystic (who would normally never leave Voss, and whose people refuse point-blank to get involved in the Republic/Empire conflict) and his entourage and... oh yeah... there's the Esh-Kha fleet following your ship around. A faction of the species that was so violently genocidal that the Rakata were terrified of them will fight for you. By the time the endgame rolls around and you head to Corellia with your allies in tow, it's not unjustified to feel pretty damn good about yourself.

(For Sith Inquisitor)
The killing of Darth Thanaton himself is epic and a half. After multiple fights which tended to end with him running, you finally corner him in front of the rest of the Dark Council. After a long hard battle you finally knock him back. Defiant, he hits you with everything he's got: Lightning strikes down from the ceiling and shoots from his hands, the force whirls around you, sending rubble spinning and blocking any vision of you. For a few moments it seems like he's won... then your eyes glow from within, and with the power of the Force Ghosts you have bound to you, you throw back the energy. Thanaton charges towards you with his saber but it is for naught as you stop him where he stands, and then force him to kneel before you. Battered, beaten, and bruised, Thanaton crawls away... and one of the members of the Dark Council looks down, apologizes, and snaps his neck with the Force. Nothing else in the entire game has ever given me such a feeling of being the most powerful sonovabitch in the entire galaxy.

(For Imperial Agent)
At the end of the Agent's Balmora questline, if you play your cards right, you can capture the terrorist leader Grey Star without his cell knowing it. Then, you can have an Imperial loyalist take on Grey Star's identity and forge orders to turn them against the Republic. In other words, you just tricked an anti-Imperial terrorist group into allying with the Empire.

The last class quest has two. First, the Minister of Intelligence, after spending the entire storyline warning you not to piss of the Sith, secretly rebuilds Imperial Intelligence after the Sith disbanded it. The second comes if, after obtaining the Black Codex, a database with all of the Star Cabal's secrets and the ability to erase all records of the a person's existence, you can keep it for yourself and use it to erase your identity so that you can protect the Empire without getting caught up in Sith schemes.

(For Sith Warrior)
Assaulting the House Organa camp on Alderaan is a definite Moment of Awesome for the Warrior. It's the casual nature of how you tear through the last defenders outside the command room that sells it.

Later on Alderaan you are confronted by a Jedi Knight protecting two servants with information you need. You can just kill the Jedi... or convince the servants to defect to the Empire, and force the Jedi to just let you leave by refusing to draw your lightsaber in your defense.

Messing with Jedi as a light side Sith Warrior is always fun. At one point you are confronted by two Jedi, and can successfully drive one off and another to the dark side by quoting the Jedi code at them.

The end of Chapter One as a Sith Warrior. You face Nomen Karr, your master's hated foe in single combat. You drive him insane as he fails to defeat you, twisting him to the Dark Side as he fails again and again. You then can have him patched up enough so you can torture him, dragging his Padawan Jaesa to you in the throes of his agony. Finally, you can corrupt his treasured charge, making her your own apprentice as she strikes down her former master. A Sith at his or her finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Light Side is just as cool. You drive Nomen Karr to the darkside by pointing out that you're better than him, that he and Darth Baras are just two old men fighting out an old grudge and quoting the Jedi code at him as he slowly descends into insanity. Unfortunately for him his apprentice has the special ability see into someone's mind, and when she finally arrives you demonstrate to her just how corrupt and mad her master has become. You can top it all off by sending Nomen Karr back to the Jedi council so they can 'rehabilitate him', which comes across as an epic troll and final humiliation.

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wow pampu, i couldn't read that much text even if i wanted to Smile

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You are one lazy git Razz. Here look at the pretty pictures.

My Trooper Belindi Kasteen

My Sith Warrior Lucoryphus

And again but with apprentice Jaesa Willsaam - they had team up with a Jedi to fight the sister of his former Master.

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